Thursday, September 22, 2016

Clarification On Diet

Thursday, September 22, 2016
While re-reading my diet post, I realized that I may have appeared to be criminalizing wheat and sugar (and wheat- and sugar-based products). That was not my intention. My original intention was and is to let you know that I am trying to adopt a more plant-based diet (not a vegetarian or vegan diet).

Eating wheat is not entirely bad--especially if you eat whole grain--because you do consume certain nutrients. But like all foods, too much of one food is not good for the body. Only consuming wheat- and sugar-based products without ever consuming any fruits and vegetables is definitely unhealthy; this unhealthy diet was often my go-to diet. This is a big reason why I am trying to avoid eating much wheat because I do not want to fall back into such an unhealthy routine again.

I certainly will not restrict myself from eating cookies or other delicious junk food. Instead, I will be practicing eating wheat- and sugar-based products in moderation.


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